Iyiebo Dust

Your website isn't on Iyiebo big data

your site doesn't respect iyiebo indexing rules.
  1. keywords in order to be indexing at least 3
  2. meta description in order to be indexing less than 255 character
  3. Minimum word length of your keywords in order to be indexing at least 5
  4. Iyiebo will indexing(PDF,DOC,PPT,XLS,PNG,GIF....) if found on your website
  5. Iyiebo will indexing all email and number
  6. Iyiebo indexing all file videos, audio
  7. All your keywords will be using word stemming
  8. Maximum length of page to be indexing is 255
  9. Iyiebo spider follow the depth of urls up to full
  10. Title of any of your page has more weights than your meta keyword
you were punished by Iyiebo policies.
  1. website with virus
  2. website with fake information (Iyiebo spiders detect fake websites by using Iyiebo Semaphor finger )
  3. website found in Iyiebo dust it mean suspected website with fake content,or with virus
  4. Website found in Iyiebo desert it mean not allow to be on Iyiebo
  5. Check if your website is in Iyiebo dust or Iyiebo desert

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