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Iyiebo™ analytics. Watch your website or business then optimize your
checkout process
the smart way and fly so much high....


Once your account is opening you will be able to watch your business , including your e-commerce transaction, Financial transaction in high security with Iyiebo analytics
some options are disactivated in your account, for reason of equilibrate the power of Iyiebo analytics

benefit of using Iyiebo Analytics

By using Iyiebo Analytics in your business you will be able to:

How to use Iyiebo Analytics(IA)

Easy because you are just watching how your business is running,and hard if you need full service you must be prepared to have
your own qualified analyst or administrator in Iyiebo Analytics knowledge. Any information or suggestions is welcome to Iyiebo Analytics Team

at : ianalytics@iyiebo.com

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Iyiebo Inc-fluxinnovation Group (PTY) Ltd.
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