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This terms include how to use iyiebo search with exact precision.


Iyiebo is a platform launched in November 2017 by iyiebo team in Namibia , this platform was written by young Jamal student from one college in computer science from windhoek city and Salum his brother. This platform iyiebo, has three part:


We are locate in Namibia, city of windhoek, in Klein windhoek

Iyiebo Search

Iyiebo search engine has think and desire [you have result by your think and desire] it mean make sure when you are online to pick your think in menu select on top

Iyiebo find for me!

Politic issues

Education issues

Travel issues

terrorism issues

Selling issues

buying issues

Innovation issues

Knowledge or news

religion issues

Entrepreneurship issues

downloading issues

Scandal issues

jobs issues

Where we found & find those informations we put in front of you

About copyright and privacy

What you must do if there is some information you feel it down you

What we calling, dirty information, is that information that dishappy you,you can apply for their deleting how to do? contact our search team on complain@iyiebo.com, explain the strict reason and write the size of page, is date online