About Iyiebo Infrastructure

1. Our company

Iyiebo.com mean infrastructure of business, Connecting production centers to consumption centers by organizing the business of our customers

2. Sustainability

We value and merge our scale and corporate culture to serve the sustainability and environmental protection we live in.
  • The commons requires collaboration between people on the basis of reciprocity, this is why with Iyiebo we are Integrating!

  • Radical changes are needed to counteract this – a massive switch to a sustainable food system, for example. And a new, circular economy that stands together and this is why with Iyiebo, we solely focuses on financial and economic growth then we are recycling all our packages after being used by our customers.

3. Innovation

We're building business of our customers in Africa! so we're a company of builders and bring near production centers to consumption centers!. It's our job to improving livelihoods and communities .

3.1. How artificial intelligence helps Iyiebo

artificial intelligence helps Iyiebo to integrate the economies of African countries and in addition to connect production centers to consumption centers with precision

Iyiebo Technologies focused on improving livelihoods and communities


First Iyiebo version in 2017.

5. Job creation & investment

6. Our communities

We serve and take care of our communities (In Africa continent) and the environment in which we live

7. Supporting small business

Iyiebo empowers artisan worker,sustainable businesses, small farming, Self-publisher and small and medium-sized businesses to reach their potential customers.

8. Working at Iyiebo.com

Don't be scared of us! we are looking for smart people in "brain" it could be you!
We know that sometimes you are not qualified with 3 year of experiences! So, from the first day we will be equipping you and at Iyiebo, you will own a service that has a direct impact on our customers be ready!