Iyiebo Trade Assurance

Iyiebo Trade Assurance is a free order protection service. It's designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers or sellers on Iyiebo and covers buyers in the event of payment, shipping and product quality-related disputes.

Why Iyiebo Trade Assurance

  • Your Payment protection
  • Iyiebo Trade Assurance will cover all payments made during the ordering process up to 30 days after you receive the goods.

  • Your Protection period
  • Iyiebo Trade Assurance, make sure your order will be protected until 30 days after receipt of the goods if there is any complain or reclamation. (you can open a dispute here!)

  • Your Product-quality protection
  • Once your order was done via Iyiebo,your order will be covered in case the product or products do not match the products you want.

  • Easy Shipping protection
  • Your order will be shipped on time according to the details of your agreement with the sellers or supplier. If any delay, you as Iyiebo buyers will be eligible for a refund.

  • Protect any Iyiebo online order for free
  • That's safe! Iyiebo Trade Assurance is free for any buyers who carry out transactions online via our platform or via our partner gateway payment processing

  • A online safe environment for global business
  • Iyiebo Trade Assurance protects buyers and sellers but buyers’ orders; it minimizes risk by guaranteeing money back in the event of a supplier failing to meet the terms of the buying process - including delivery delays, quality and quantity discrepancies or other processing problems. Iyiebo Trade Assurance applies a credit-rating system that incentivizes suppliers to produce and deliver high-quality goods on time and according to the buyers' s will.

  • Iyiebo safe payment options and partner gateway payment sure
  • Iyiebo has a Secure online payment (Iyiebo Easy Payment), including some trusting Online Bank Payment, credit card. Your payment is secured by Iyiebo.com's anti-fraud system. To get Iyiebo Trade Assurance coverage,All buyers must make payment to the sellers or supplier's bank account designated by Iyiebo.com.

Conclusion About Iyiebo Trade Assurance

  • Step 0. Open buyers account or Sign up
  • Step 1. Order with Iyiebo (not applicable when you are ordering from affiliates )
  • Step 2. Pay to the sellers or supplier's bank account designated by Iyiebo.com
  • Step 3. Receive proof of shipment (send by Iyiebo ship team)
  • Step 4. Leave your comment about your order of goods or services
  • Step 5. Leave Iyiebo do the Rest :)