Iyiebo craftsmanship

Reach millions of customers with Iyiebo Artisan jobs Join our Iyiebo craftsmanship community on Iyiebo and sell your handcrafted goods online

1. Why Iyiebo craftsmanship today?

In Africa, we have a small artisan who lives his handicrafts but can not find the best way to sell his products, to make them responsible. At Iyiebo, we are obsessed with customers and their desire to become a trusted destination for craft products, prompting us to launch the "Iyiebo Artisan JOBS Service" to give them a push. Craftsmen from more than 52 African countries follow their passion and sell their products on Iyiebo. Together, we are developing communities of artisans and successful businesses to prosper in Africa.

2. Iyiebo craftsmanship benefits

a. Less fees

By joining Iyiebo Artisan Service, creating your store and listing products is free with the help of the Iyiebo Sales Team. When you make a sale of your craft work, we deduct a return fee of only 13%.

b. Designed for Artisan only

With Iyiebo, we have an artisan service and audit process to make sure we build a truly artisanal goods and services store to help you get ahead.

c.Iyiebo Custom Profile

Your Iyiebo Artisan job profile features advance optimization, updates, and an optimization keyword that allows customers to easily find the product in your store.

Solutions available to help your business to go Up and Up:

1. Iyiebo Sponsored Ads (ISA)

Our Iyiebo advertising solutions let you reach and engage with potential Customers directly at every stage of their journey—from awareness to purchase and beyond. Advertisements appear right where customers will see them, such as our main pages,Iyiebo storm service,botton pages and the first page of search results or product description tags.

2. Warehousing by Iyiebo (WBI)

Get a Prime badge on your listings and scale your business to reach more customers with Iyiebo. Iyiebo has one of the most advanced networks in Africa and the world. Let Iyiebo deliver your orders with WBI so you can focus on your stocks only.

3. Iyiebo Customized Products (ICP)

Do you make customization items or unique one-of-a-kind products? Save time by allowing Customers to personalize their perfect product.

4.Sell across Location(SAL)

You have the option to sign up once and sell on all three of Iyiebo's South Africa(SADC) stores. Manage your business from a single account and stay in touch with our sales team.

Are you ready to join? There is Leverage solutions to manage and grow your business today.

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