Iyiebo Brands

Iyiebo collection of Family Brands.

Our Brands is a collection of Iyiebo private brands and a curated selection of brands sold exclusively on Iyiebo. With Our Brands, we are bringing high-quality products at great prices to our global network of customers both directly (B2C) and commercially (B2B).

Iyiebo Brands Benefits

1. Onboarding Support

You'll receive feedback,smart guided support and a free toolset of products to tell your brand story and track performance.

2. Marketing Services

Your Brands will receive a suite of marketing support executed by our Iyiebo sales team. Products with high ratings and reviews,good appreciation can receive additional placements across Iyiebo.com.

3. Area to Test You can easily test old or new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.

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