Iyiebo Business Intelligent Cloud

Iyiebo Business Intelligent Cloud


A. Why do you need Iyiebo Business Intelligent Cloud ?

This support package is dedicated to small-scale companies that need to customize the system, add new functionalities or integrations with external systems. We will install the system on the most efficient infrastructure that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. We will take care of safety, performance and solve any infrastructure problem for your convenience. Each user will receive from a few to several GB for corporate data, and the database will be placed on high-performance. Integration with the Iyiebo Business Intelligent address database. It is based on Open Street Maps with a complete world map. No connection limits and no need to have your own server.

B. Payment due date?

Payment due date , depends on company size.

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  • Iyiebo business Intelligent Scale Service
  • Iyiebo business Intelligent for Enterprise Service

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